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Supported by source-network-load-storage interaction and multi-energy complementarity, Longitudinal Power provides 35kV step-up transformer, energy storage and step-up integrated machine, inverter and step-up integrated machine, 100kW/215kWh distributed energy storage complete set, 100kW/215kWh industrial and commercial air-cooled energy storage complete set, 100kW/215kWh industrial and commercial liquid-cooled energy storage complete set, 15kW optical storage microgrid complete set, centralized large-scale energy storage system and other key new energy equipment.

Complete set of 15kW optical storage microgrid equipment
  • Complete set of 15kW optical storage microgrid equipment

Complete set of 15kW optical storage microgrid equipment

The complete set of photovoltaic storage microgrid equipment developed and produced by Hezong Tech consists of photovoltaic modules, photovoltaic storage integrated machines, battery modules, low-voltage metering devices, mains interfaces, diesel engine interfaces, and other accessories. Choose 580Wp N-type double-sided TOPCon battery modules with higher efficiency for photovoltaic modules. The battery cell adopts a 3.2V 50Ah lithium iron phosphate battery, which has the characteristics of safety and reliability, high system efficiency, and long cycle life. The battery module consists of two 50Ah 1P8S battery modules and is equipped with a complete battery management system. During system operation, photovoltaic power generation is achieved through spontaneous self use and residual energy storage. A metering meter and collection terminal are installed in the grid connected cabinet, which has remote transmission function.

Product Parameters

Performance characteristics

1. It adopts intelligent technologies such as wireless communication and remote control to automatically collect, store, and manage electrical energy.

2. Batteries can charge and discharge efficiently, reducing energy loss and waste, and lowering energy consumption costs.

3. The advantages of long lifespan and low maintenance costs bring lower usage costs to users.

4. Renewable energy, achieving sustainable energy utilization.

5. Thereby reducing reliance on traditional energy and improving energy security.

6. Effectively solve problems such as energy shortage and environmental pollution.



Technical parameters


Rated power


Rated grid voltage

AC 380V ± 5%

Overload capacity

5S @ 150% load; 10s @ 110% ~ 150% load

Rated current


Rated frequency


Maximum charging current


Maximum photovoltaic input voltage


Maximum photovoltaic input power


Cooling method

forced air cooling


Touch LCD display

Communication methods



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