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talent concept

Production R & D

Talents are the first competitive advantage of Hezong, and elite talents determine success or failure

(1) Professionally focused and like-minded talents are the most valuable asset of Hezong;

(2) The development of the past, present, and future must rely on talent;

(3) Do things according to people first, and then do things scientifically.

Qualification Honor

Building a Strong and Powerful Camp Team

(1) The leading talents with the style of "a thousand soldiers are easy to obtain, but one general is difficult to obtain" are the engines for advancing together;

(2) The excellent core backbone is the booster for progress;

(3) The leading talents and core backbone form a cohesive "camp", which is a cohesive elite talent. Establish a mechanism to cultivate a team of elite talents, creating a team of approximately 5% -10% of the company's elite talents, leading the company forward as a whole, and thus forming a strong team combat effectiveness.

Service Support

Talent is not expensive, mediocrity is expensive

(1) Talent creates value, which is the driving force of enterprises, and it is necessary to cultivate and motivate them;

(2) The waste of wealth by mediocrity is a burden on enterprises and should be eliminated in a timely manner.