Condensing the power of example, chasing the light of example | In the third quarter of 2023, the commendation of the person.

In recognition of the advanced and setting an example, the five third-quarter co-workers stood out. They stick to their original aspirations and strive for excellence in their daily work. They shine in ordinary positions. They are role models around them. Excellence needs relay and inheritance. Let's congratulate the five quarterly partners and witness the honor!


Concentric Building of Future Innovation Brilliant-The 4th New Employee Training Camp of Hechong Power in 2023 Successfully Concluded ~

On November 30, the fourth new employee training camp of Hechong Electric Power in 2023 was held in Tianjin production base. More than 40 new employees participated in the training camp. Let's start the fourth new employee training camp together ~


Tell the story of Hechong | Hechong Electric Power 2023 Phase IV New and Old Staff Heart-to-Heart Meeting Successfully Held

On November 30, the fourth phase of the 2023 new and old employee heart-to-heart meeting of hezong power was successfully held in Tianjin production base. the heart-to-heart meeting will focus on the four themes of "I see the future of hezong", "the story of me and hezong", "hezong people in my eyes" and "first acquaintance". new and old employees will exchange heart-to-heart and interact with each other.


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